6 Cs of Communication for Effective Delegation

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When done properly, delegation allows you to focus on the critical and high value parts of your work. When done poorly, you will double your work load! The two biggest paybacks for good delegation through communication are less stress every day and higher productivity.   Less stress means more satisfaction with your work day and more fun in your personal life. We all want to make a difference. Good communication enables that to happen. The 6C method gets everyone on the same page and keeps them together. It sets clear expectations, commitment and establishes mutual respect. This program will help build your confidence by providing an effective method that will enable you to communicate and delegate more effectively every time.

Delegating is probably the most challenging task a manager or supervisor has. Your business style may €œblind you when you communicate. Just because you said it does not mean they €œgot it. Our program will take delegating to a higher level of effectiveness. The 6C's include: Capable (can person to whom you are delegating do what you are asking); Communication (is your communication clear and concise); Commitment (do you have buy-in; are you both on the same page); Consequences (set up checkpoints throughout the task; set up time frames and accountability); Coaching (developing your team) and Consistency (make this part of your business skill set).

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